Here We Are - Wonderful yet, oddly, anachronistic
Posted by: Zelgo 08:48 am EST 11/27/23

Finally got to Here We Are at yesterday's matinee. I haven't laughed so much in a long time--tight script, excellent direction, sizzling acting.

Hearing Sondheim is always wonderful--and attending this show was really about my paying personal homage to him. He has such a large, familiar canon that many Here We Are song phrases reflect his previous work--moments sounded like Sweeney, Passion, Company, etc. He uses the vamps that define the Sondheim style. Road Show had the same issue, except the script wasn't nearly as strong as Here We Are's, so the ultimate experience wasn't as good.

Even the Here We Are plot is tale of couples, reflected Company's (barely).

All this made the whole thing feel anachronistic. It was 1970's musical theater, not 2023's.

Absolutely loved my time at the show, however, which is what counts in the end.

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