'Here Lies Love' took one last spin on Broadway's disco dance floor
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According to online reports, ''Here Lies Love'' got an ''electric'' sendoff yesterday as David Byrne, Alex Timbers, Clint Ramos and more joined the crowd on the dance floor.

It was reported that Conrad Ricamora, who was incredible as Ninoy Aquino, got choked up, singing the last lines of ''Gate 37,'' his final song. And the lyrics were doubly poignant: ''Do you know what it means to be saying goodbye? Do you know what it means that this might be forever? I might be seeing you now for the very last time.''

Just one more bravo to the brilliant ensemble, creative team and backstage and floor crew. There was no curtain-call speech for this historic show with a first-ever all-Filipino cast, which racked up 33 previews and 149 performances. But every swing and alternate came out in costume and joined the regular cast in the bows, filling the stage and catwalks.

Wish I could've made it to the final show, but seeing ''Here Lies Love'' again (and again) on Broadway and Off-Broadway will always be one of my greatest joys in theatergoing.
Link 'Here Lies Love': Closing bows and megamix

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