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You are not wrong to focus on economics but I think there is a chicken and egg element to all of this. My position is that there would be a demanding audience if it were nurtured (it is not) and if we had more producers with the slightest interest in presenting shows that are of interest (and resonance) to those audiences. Until there is, we will continue to get what we deserve. That audience (the same one that demanded what they got in 1956) is not going to be priced out. Broadway is a luxury market and was when a genius like Hal Prince was calling the shots. Poor people have never been the support mechanism for Broadway. (And you are not suggesting otherwise. Your comfort food audience is not poor.) Which brings me to something I learned from an econ professor many years ago. It is called the McDonalds Cheeseburger theory of economic data analysis. It 1956, that cheeseburger was 19 cents. Today, it is $3.79. If we divide 379 by 19 and then multiply it by that $5 1956 theatre ticket, guess what the price of that ticket is today, according to my beloved theory: $99.74. :-)

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