INHERIT THE WIND at Pasadena Playhouse starring Alfred Molina
Posted by: bicoastal 10:02 pm EST 11/26/23

I haven't seen anything posted about this production, but if you live in or are visiting L.A. before December 3, I highly recommend it. It is staged in a very casual, almost rehearsal style setting--casual clothes, folding tables, etc. I suspect that is so it doesn't feel period because the issues are sadly still relevant today. Alfred Molina delivers a wonderfully understated performance as Henry Drummond, leaving the bombast to John Douglas Thomson as Matthew Harrison Brady. The play has some wonderful writing and language in it and director Michael Michetti has added music to bridge scenes. I've only ever seen the movie (and even for that it's been years), so I enjoyed revisiting this.

Audience can choose to sit on stage in the "courtroom" or in the jury box (I think that's an option). You really feel the relevance to today's moral crusading, and even if the ending is a bit facile here, it is still powerful. It was supposed to close today but was extended to due cancelled performances a couple of weeks ago; I hear some of the cast is changing but not Molina or Brady.

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