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Posted by: keikekaze 04:56 pm EST 11/26/23
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I believe we agree more often than not, ryhog. And the "why" is, as you say, the more important follow-up question. I think a lot of the answer has to do with Broadway economics at the present time, compared with 1956. Audiences who are paying $100 a pop for a Broadway show are less willing to take risks than audiences who are paying $5 a pop. Those audiences who would be willing to take risks are largely priced out. I've always thought that great theater requires a great audience--that is, a demanding audience. Without that demanding audience, producers in general have little motivation to run risks. Maybe there's something else entirely in play, but it does seem that the audience that can afford Broadway right now is in the mood for comfort food (nostalgia and jukeboxes), and not much else.

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