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Posted by: ryhog 11:27 am EST 11/26/23
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I agree with your point. The more important question is why. The answer, in my opinion, is that there are far too many producers who share a mentality with what I would characterize as a majority of this board as presently constituted. It is about the glorification of the past rather than the celebration of the present and future. It is about risk-avoidance. It was not always thus. (It is well to remember that Merman was a risk, Streisand was a risk, etc etc etc.) To be sure, there are exceptions, and the greatest show(s) of the last 40 or so years are exceptions, but that is where we are right now and it won't change until we shake ourselves loose from these shackles. That's something to think about, imo, but here is one more. If you were a young writer today, what would motivate you to spend your time creating theatre (other than coming to the realization that it is the greatest of the performing arts forms). When we get producers investing in the present and future rather than, in one way or another, the past, do a little content analysis on this board of the reception.

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