"The Jerusalem Syndrome" at the York
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Just caught a matinee of “The Jerusalem Syndrome,” a charming little musical at the York Theater. Apparently it’s a real psychological phenomemon that tourists to Israel will sometimes hallucinate that they are Biblical characters. In this sunny ode to love and tolerance, characters grow in maturity through their exposure to or participation in this brief psychosis.

Clever lyrics and powerhouse vocals lift the show out of silliness into a higher level. Standout performances came from James D. Gish (who was so wonderful as Fabrizio in the Encores “Light in the Piazza”) and Broadway veteran Farah Alvin as the would-be Abraham and Sarah. We also appreciated a marvelous professional debut from Chandler Sinks as the maybe Moses.

Obviously, this was scheduled before the current war situation in the Middle East. But it is a nice release to visit an Israel where problems get solved and peace seems attainable, even if only on stage.

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