At 'Merrily We Roll Along,' Daniel Radcliffe is where the auction is
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For the past few weeks, like other shows, ''Merrily We Roll Along'' has been raising money for Broadway Cares.

At the curtain call, Daniel Radcliffe has been hosting an auction for a piece of memorabilia from that performance. During ''Opening Doors,'' Radcliffe says he types some ''nonsense'' on his typewriter, leaves the stage, and then Jonathan Groff types something else on that sheet of paper. Radcliffe says Groff usually types something to make him laugh, or it's a comment on the audience, or it can be something obscene. So Radcliffe takes bids from the audience for this piece of paper, which he'll autograph for the winning bidder.

When I was there a few weeks ago, Radcliffe was a delight, raising $1,500 for that souvenir. But he's also raised double that on some nights: $3,000 and more.

Radcliffe once wisecracked that he knew the audience already had paid plenty to see the show, ''but statistically, some of you must be loaded.''
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