re: Those records aren’t from THIS season.
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Splitting hairs, but I didn’t read it that way, not at all -
To my eye (and having read the link) it looked as if the poster was saying “This is a new ticket high for Broadway, with Merrily prices hitting $899 for the HOLIDAY season” –
which after all is the whole point of the article (going on to say that, as others have observed in this thread, many of those same overpriced tix go back down to regular $160-$200 range by February.)

But sure, since Plaza Suite and Dolly aren’t running right now and Hamilton isn’t hitting those prices anymore, probably means that Merrily is the most expensive ticket thus far in the 6-month-old current Broadway season.

(When you put it that way, though, it doesn’t seem newsworthy. The point the writer was clearly trying to make, is that this musical that’s never come close to being a success before is now the 4th- or 5th-priciest ticket of all time after Bette Midler in a classic show, Sarah Jessica Parker and Broderick in a Neil Simon comedy, and Hamilton the biggest phenomenon of the last twenty years. That says a lot more than “Merrily is more expensive than anything else since the beginning of May.”)

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