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I saw Shucked a couple of weeks ago. I enjoyed it, although I think you have to be in the right kind of mood for the show to work. I think its "Hee Haw" origins are showing, in that the plot is essentially an excuse for a series of one-liners, which the cast milk expertly. I love Kevin Cahoon, and he is hilarious, but his Tony nomination is a head-scratcher to me because he barely has a character to play nor does he have a song (or even many solo lines within a song). He's just spitting out one-liners, which he is great at, but I'm surprised that he was nominated over Andrew Durand or John Behlmann.

Isabella McCann, who is now playing Maisy, has a great voice and an endearing presence, but she has a habit of not enunciating the final consonants when she sings, which makes it hard to understand the lyrics sometimes. I hope she works on that before she stars in Like Water for Elephants this spring.

Alex Newell's voice was a little raspy on held notes, but they were fantastic. I thought it would be all about the singing, but they have charisma to burn and are great in the dialogue scenes as well. Have they or the creators ever talked about how they got cast? I noticed that their understudy is female, which makes me think that the creators weren't necessarily looking for a non-binary person to play this role.

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