Toronto's big disappoinment, courtesy of MIRVISH Productions
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Every now and then Toronto theatregoers will receive word about an exciting press conference from the city's only commercial producers, Mirvish Productions. This time the public was even invited to attend a special in-person announcement, a 45 minute event with performances and special guests.

With Mirvish's close ties to the UK, the theatre community started guessing. Would it be a current West End hit like when they brought the pre-Bway tryout of "& Juliet" to town? What would it be? Jamie Lloyd's much talked about production of Sunset Boulevard? The new hit revival of Guys and Dolls? Perhaps a Canadian production of Broadway's MJ, or even a visit from a Sweeney Todd tour? What could it be?

There were lots of thoughts, and lots of excitement around it, especially after the recent flop of In Dreams. After all, it's no secret that lately, the nearby Buffalo NY gets big shows quicker than Toronto does.Mirvish presented Jagged Little Pill after it had been on the road for a year, same with the Tina Turner musical.

After all that speculation, Torontonians found out the big announcement: a new sit down production of The Lion King. The announcement states that it's a first for a North American city to hace a new sit down production of a title for the second time.
They even got Mayor Olivia Chow on stage to give the production her blessing and discus the economic impact the show will have on the city.

All that is great, but theatregoers were excited about something new and that's one thing that the Lion King isn't. It is just another great example of the monopoly Mirvish has on the city. We are grateful for them, but when you're the only game in town, you get things like old tours past their due date - a revival of The Lion King.

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