re: Is Anyone Watching The Gilded Age?
Posted by: DCollingwood 07:56 am EST 11/22/23
In reply to: Is Anyone Watching The Gilded Age? - LynnO 10:41 pm EST 11/21/23

Not much happens by way of story, but it’s a confection and I can’t wait for another bite each week. Mostly for the costumes and incredible NY cast.

It was the number one show on the Max app’s Top 10 TV Shows this week, so I hope we get many more years of it. It would be “fun” to have it run in timeline up to the Titanic sinking and end where Fellowes’ other show, Downton Abbey, began.

I always laugh that Audra is featured prominently in the key art for this season but not the season itself (although very few can be heavily featured with a cast of this size) and isn’t even listed in the main title credits. They know what the people want.

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