Reeve Carney gets a helluva sendoff after 6-year journey with 'Hadestown'
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Bravos to Reeve Carney, who played his final show at ''Hadestown'' yesterday, racking up more than 1,200 performances in the Tony-winning musical.

Patrick Page, Rachel Chavkin, Andre deShields and Eva Noblezada returned at the curtain call to sing Reeve's praises. Reeve and Eva then lovingly walked off together.

I always thought Reeve should've gotten a Tony nomination for playing Orpheus in ''Hadestown,'' but thanks to the cast album, at least he has a Grammy Award.

Reeve loves long runs. I once interviewed him after he wrapped up 900 performances at ''Spider-Man.'' (And I just ran into him, going to a Sunday night show of ''Here Lies Love.'')
Link Reeve Carney Takes Final Bow in 'Hadestown' (photos/video)

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