Yes, off-Broadway COULD be an answer, but....
Posted by: Kerick 09:18 am EST 11/20/23

The thread that started from the comment about the $1,000,000 a week running nut of Broadway shows suggests that off-Broadway is the answer. Well, it could be but it isn't. In 1977 I produced a 9 character period costumed piece at the 186 seat Cherry Lane for $33,000. It ran at $5,000 a week and the top ticket price was about $10. It ran 22 months.

Fast forward to today and I estimate that by today's expected costs, it would capitalize at least for $750,000 and cost about $65,000 a week to run. Ticket prices are $49-$129 and commercial (unsubsidized) off-Broadway is almost impossible. Press doesn't cover it as in the past...out of towners who make up so much of the Broadway audience mostly don't ever think "off-Broadway"... often productions try to be essentially "mini Broadway" in production design ... real marketing is astronomical in expense, etc. etc.

Off-Broadway needs a new model to bring it back to the simpler, lower cost creative world that it was... ie: BACK TO THE FUTURE

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